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Our vision

Welcome to inouï, where timeless elegance meets sustainable design. As passionate artisans in the realm of interior design, we breathe new life into cherished antiques, blending their rich history with a fresh, ecological approach. Our philosophy embraces character over fleeting trends, ensuring each space we craft tells a unique story of its own. Join us on a journey that celebrates the past, shapes the present, and creates a harmonious future within your living spaces.

Fancy Foyer

Home is where you hear love within 
the stillness.
-Raquel Franco-

Our costumers said...

“Thank you for redecorating my bedroom, I so love spending alone time in that space now! Being surrounded by items I love in matching colours is so pretty and I love that room! Thank you so much! ”


Thanks for the amazing bedroom, I love spending time in that room! It's nice to be surrounded by things that I like and mean something to me, and at the same time have everything color and aesthetically coordinated! Thank you very much!

Erika L.

I loved the Christmas wreath you created for my front door together with the matching decor! Thank you!

Evka N.

Many thanks for your help with the design of my garden. The flowers and plants are all very beautiful and the flower arrangements for my patio as well.


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